Why I Hate The News.

Why I Hate The News 

Below you will find CNN’s headline on Friday, October 10th. Yes, Ebola is awful and my heart goes out to all those infected. But this is just an example of the fear tactics and bad coverage spewed out by today’s major news vendors.













In a scary bolded font followed by a horrific picture, CNN states that nearly 4,000 people have died worldwide in 7 months from Ebola. Or approximately 570 a month.

That is a lot and it is awful. But when compared to the number of people that die from heart disease just in the US each year (Approx. 600,000) that number doesn’t look so bad.

600,000 deaths a year is 50,000 deaths a MONTH!

Yet somehow these statistics don’t make it anywhere on the news…. Maybe it because this high number occurs every year or maybe because these deaths don’t have the sudden visible impact like those of Ebola. Heart disease is a slow killer, taking years to develop.  Ebola is sudden and gruesome. Or maybe some of these are preventable, Ebola really isn’t. I just don’t know.

Regardless of why the US media chooses not to cover this topic, here are some other leading causes of deaths in the United States each year.

  • In 2012 nearly 34,000 people died from car crashes.
  • In 2013, over 10,000 people were killed from alcohol impaired crashes.
  • Diabetes in 2011: Nearly 74,000
  • Suicide in 2011: Almost 40,000
  • Influenza and Pneumonia in 2011: Nearly 54,000

I am not trying to be depressing. We, as humans, are just really bad at assessing risk. I thought this article could put things in perspective. Now when you see the news, maybe you will have a different mindset of how you will approach their story.


Statistics Can be Found Here











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