The Top Ten Types of People You Don’t Want to Have in Your Hostel Room

I am approaching three months of living in hostels, and over those three months, I have found that there are roughly ten types of people that you generally do not want to share a hostel room with. I thought it would be a good change of pace from the travel updates to write a different kind of article and share these ten types of people with you. This post probably resonates best with other backpackers, still I thought it would be fun to share!

*ALSO for the most part I have enjoyed my time in hostels and have meant amazing people. This post is mainly for fun, and is not intended to call people out. Hell, I think I’ve fit each of these descriptions at least once while traveling….well maybe not all…

1. The Traveling Trio

Description: A group of three or more friends traveling together.

Friends traveling together can wreck havoc to the social dynamics of a hostel room; especially in a four bed bunk room. Late night chattering, early morning noise, and mid-night lights are all common behaviors of the Traveling Trios.

2. The Rustlers

Description: People that pack and organize everything with plastic bags.
Plastic bag rustling might be the most annoying sound especially in the middle of the night. Is it really necessary to separate your whites from colors, your T-shirts from your shorts in a backpack designed for mashing everything together?

3. The Snorers

Description: People who snore….
This guy in Rotorua snored so loudly that another roommate had to hit him across the face with the pillow to shut him up. I was so amazed that a human could make such a noise and still remain asleep that I filmed it from the other side of the room. Enjoy.

4. The ‘Fornicators’

Description: Doing the Hokey-Pokey in the dark is not a pleasant experience for other backpackers especially in a dorm of squeaky bunk beds.

Sorry no video here….

5. The Late Night Packers

Description: People who pack up late at night.

If your leaving the next day make sure your pack is ready to go before 1 a.m. Late at night is the not the time to turn on the lights and desperately search for all your stuff. Combine a Rustler with a Late Night Packer and you have the devil incarnate.

6. The Failed Planners

Description: People who come back late and make a ruckus getting ready for bed.

In my three months in dorms I have developed a system that if I come back late at night, I can get ready for bed with only the light from my phone, minimal noise, and minimal time. The trick is preparing your things before you go out so when you get back you can get ready quietly and efficiently. Most backpackers have similar systems. Some, unfortunately, do not and spend twenty to thirty minutes getting ready for bed.

7. The Early Morning Talkers

Description: People who talk before 9 am.

Usually part of the traveling trio, these people decide to talk in the morning. It is always about nothing important.

8. The Weekend Getaways

Description: People traveling for a short period; usually a long weekend

Most backpackers get it and abide by a set of unwritten rules when it comes to staying in hostels. They are respectful and quiet. They treat the dorm room when people are asleep like they would want to be treated when they are asleep. Non-backpackers mostly do not. Minus fornicating, non-backpackers tend to display all the characteristics described in numbers one through seven.

9. The ‘Snoozers’

Description: People who snooze their alarms clocks.

Yes – thank you. I really enjoyed being woken up seven times before 8 a.m. because your too lazy to get up.

10. The Loners

Description: People that keep to their self to the EXTREME.

Sure I’ve been a loner especially when I was in Cairns. But I still talked to my roommates and put a name to my face and told my story. Setting up a basic level of comfort with your roommates is important. Actual loners are freaks. They don’t talk and carry an uneasy vibe about them. They are rare in hostels but a good example would have been the hostel-mate I had in Hervey Bay. Try to avoid them.

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  1. What about people who ask too many questions? What about people who slurp their coffee?

  2. Were you really just upset that #4 didn’t come true for you?

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