My Trip: Stats, Numbers, and Other Useless Facts

To summarize my trip I was going to write my thoughts in paragraph form, however, I have done enough of that emotional writing over the last four months. I thought I would make it a bit more fun and throw down some ideas via list form.

Total Length of Trip: 124 Days

Number of Countries Visited: 7 – New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sweden, Norway

Total Number of Miles Traveled: Approx. 34,000 miles



Number of Flights Taken: 10

Total Cost of Flights: $2,200 ~ Bought most on sale!

Total Cost of Trip: No Clue – I think somewhere around $11,000 to $12,000 ~ maybe more definitely not less

Best Day: Lord of the Rings Trip to Mount. Sunby a.k.a the Capital of Rohan


Worst Day: Day after the Full Moon Party

Best Excursion: Hobbiton


Scariest Moment: Bungy Jumping from 440 feet at the Nevis Bungy Jump


Best Night: Hard to say, but the Full Moon Party was an experience unlike any other


Worst Night: Night in Olso with the snorers and the plastic bag man

Number of People Met: Hundreds

Favorite Country: Nearly impossible to say, but I loved Thailand


Favorite Long Destination: Ko Tao – Small island in the gulf of Thailand

Biggest Regret: None, but I would have done some things differently –

  • In SE I would have relied less on the Hostelworld app and more on word of mouth
  • I moved around too much – spend more time at one location
  • Hotels were nice but I did one too many in S.E. Asia
  • I needed to cook more meals myself (excluding S.E. Asia) since dining out was a fortune

Worst Hangover: 2 – Ferry Ride from Ko Phi Phi to Ko Lanta in rough seas or bus ride from New York City to Washington D.C.

Favorite Country to Tinder In: Sweden.. obviously


Favorite Travel App: Skyscanner

Favorite Hostel: Travelers’ Oasis, Cairns Australia


Least Favorite: Dingo’s Backpacker ‘Resort’ Rainbow Beach, Australia

Weirdest Experience: Thai Rap Concert


Most Awkward Moment: Eating Chinese food in Chinatown, Singapore at a table with all Chinese people while using chopsticks

Most Common Meal: Green Curry in S.E. Asia and McDonald’s everywhere else ~ it was cheap

Most Worn Piece of Clothing: Bathing Suit

Items Lost: Patagonia Jacket, SD GoPro Memory Card, Wool Sock, Nalgene Water Bottle, Shampoo x2, 30% of my Amazon Cloud Photos, sunglasses, flip flops, T-Shirt, and one pair of boxers

Favorite City: Stockholm


Nicest Accommodation Outside of Hostels: Avista Resort in Phuket or Mansion in Bergen



Best Scuba Dive: Ko Tao – The coral wasn’t that great but I saw a lot of sea life including an eel, a puffer-fish, and a turtle


Favorite Mode of Transportation: The Moped


Favorite Food: Massaman Curry or Muslim India Food (I think?)


Best Day Hike:  Hike on the Franz Joseph Glacier


Nationalities That I Spent the Most Time With: Israeli, Swedish, German, Dutch, and English.

Most Difficult Day: Hiking up to the top of Mt. Doom and running the whole Tongariro Crossing


Best Decision: Deciding to go to S.E. Asia



Worst Decision: Waiting so long to do this trip and change my life!










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