My Life Plan

When I was 20, I thought I would finish up college, get a good paying corporate job, marry my girlfriend, work 40 years, have 3 children, and then retire.

That was my plan. Here was my reality.

After graduating with a degree history, I had 0 job offers. Already my life plan had fallen apart.

I noticed that my friends who majored in business had lucrative job offers so naturally I decided to go to graduate school for business. At the age of 22 I moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, took out $40,000 in student loans, studied for a year, earned a Masters in Management, and got a job in finance in Washington D.C.

At 23 I moved once again, this time to Northern Virginia where I lived and worked for 3 years. During this time I moved houses 3 different times, was promoted at my job, and broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years.

When I turned 26, I decided to leave my job because I hated it and used part of my savings to purchase a one-way plane ticket to New Zealand. For the next 4 months, I traveled solo around the world.

When the funds dried up I came back to America and moved in with my parents. During this 2 and 1/2  month period I worked on my website and wrote several blog posts. Finally a couple of months before my 27th birthday, I used what funds I had left and drove to Denver, Colorado, found yet another place to live and got yet another job.

6 months later I quit this job and found a new place to live. I met a beautiful woman, fell hard, and got my heart broken. During this time, I also traveled again. This time to Germany, Holland, and Denmark. It was a blast. I returned recently and come July will start a 7-month computer coding boot camp.

In the past 9 years I have lived in 6 different cities, had 3 different internships, 2 different jobs, road tripped around the United States twice, traveled the world, had 4 different girlfriends, been to college and graduate school, lived in 3 different states, and have met more awesome and awful people than I can count. I have been happy and sad, lonely and overwhelmed, rich and poor.

My life up until now my life hasn’t turn out like I expected it would (not even remotely close actually), and I am okay with that.

This isn’t limited just to me. In an attempt to garner more blog post ideas, I emailed 25 friends at random. My goal was simple; I wanted to see if the lessons I learned in my twenties were similar to those of my peers. To accomplish this I asked them a simple question.

What are 5 things you wish you knew at the age of 20?

75% of the respondents wrote in some form or fashion.

Your life will likely deviate from your plan – accept it.

Maybe you didn’t get that promotion. Or maybe you weren’t married by the age of 25. Maybe you got fired from your job or maybe you are still single waiting for that right one.

Whatever it is, for better or for worse, most things will not go to plan. Embrace it.

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5 Comments on “My Life Plan

  1. have done more in your short life than most people have done in a lifetime…it’s all in Gods plan for you. Have patience, you will get your answer and everything will fall into you lots, aunt R

  2. You are so right Aunt Rhona. Love you Bret you are a special young man.

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