Koh Phi Phi & Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise

After Phuket, I boarded a way overloaded ferry towards Koh Phi Phi. While boarding, I could only think of the South Korean accident. If this thing was going to roll, I was for sure jumping off. Luckily we had smooth sailing.

Upon my departure of the ferry, I took a casual stroll to my hotel room. Yes, my hotel room. They are half the cost of hostels in Australia, so it looks like Ill be in hotels for the foreseeable future. If I am feeling cheap, I guess I will pay $6 to $8 USD for a hostel.

Koh Phi Phi (KPP) is really two islands. The larger island is mostly a town, and the smaller one is a national park. The national park is famous for being the location where they filmed “The Beach” starring Leonardo DeCaprio. Both islands are also major tourist attractions. The larger one is known for its partying and the smaller for its natural beauty. I planned to go for just one day since I really wasn’t looking to party. Though that plan didn’t last long.

The town is interesting. It was completely wiped out in the 2004 tsunami. It has since been rebuilt with very few traces of the disaster left. Also no cars are allowed on KPP, and you can basically walk everywhere. The buildings are all jammed up on each other and between the buildings are little roads lined with restaurants and shops. I was in a serious need of new flip flops and shirts, and for a good price I was able to purchase some knock off flip flops and two tank tops.

After my shopping spree, I went and laid by the beach. Being that I knew no one on the island that evening, I decided to go to a random hostel to meet people to go out with. I pre-gamed a tad by myself in my hotel room, and while drinking, I decided to face time random family and friends. One particular call was to my ex-coworker AND FRIEND Alia and after a brief chat she gave her phone to another coworker, Jill. Jill proceeded to turn the phone to the office where I was able to say hi to both my old bosses. That was interesting. After a brief and awkward conversation with friends from my old house of employment, I headed out to the random hostel. I saw a group playing Jenga and decided to introduce myself. Within five minutes I was also playing.

Unbeknownst to me, this wasn’t any ordinary Jenga. One of my last coherent memories was wearing the shorts of the girl to my right (she was wearing mine), laying on the ground drinking a bucket of rum and coke while being surrounded by four topless women .

The next morning I awoke around eleven feeling rather refreshed despite the copious amount of booze I had consumed the night prior. It was checkout time so I quickly packed my things while jamming to the Eagle’s hit “Life in the Fast Lane.” It seemed appropriate at the time.

Carrying all my belongings, I walked to the ferry terminal. My plan was to go go Koh Lanta, but while purchasing my ferry ticket, I noticed an older white man sitting to my right with a t-shirt on that read ‘Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise.’ Suddenly I remembered Nate, my American friend that I had meant in Sydney, recommended that I go on this cruise. Plus the sound of a booze cruise really appealed to me. I was like an addict needing my next fix, I couldn’t resist, I had to go! So I walked over to Bob, the captain, and asked if I could go. He replied “How many?” I told him “One.” He said, “Good – you have the last spot.”

Now it was noon and the booze cruise was going to leave at one. In that hour I managed to find a hotel room for the night and get lunch. I am extremely glad that I decided to go – this might have been one of the better decisions I made in my entire three months.

As instructed, I arrived at the pier at one and boarded the vessel; a thirty foot single masted sail boat. There were fifteen to twenty of us, almost too many but in Thailand there are no enforced rules so it didn’t really matter. The boat was captained by Bob.

Bob was a very interesting character. A native of Vancouver, Bob has been running booze cruises all over the world for twenty five years all on the same boat. When he got bored of a specific port, he would sail onto a new one. At the present moment, he has been running the Koh Phi Phi booze cruise for about eight years. His boat, while at one point was probably nice, was mostly a piece of junk. It was in serious need of some TLC. The bathroom reeked of piss and the cabin had trash thrown about. The worst part was Bob, called this boat home. Whatever floats your boat. Ha. Ha.

The cruise was a six hour adventure around the national park. We went kayaking, hiking, and cliff jumping. We feed monkeys on Monkey Beach, and snorkeled, sailed, and swam in Maya Bay. We ended the trip with a slow sail back to the pier listening to good music and drinking beers, all while watching a beautiful sunset.

That night, I went out to dinner by myself but happened to run into a chum with a bottle of rum and wowneded up drinking all night. No, but I did run into people from the cruise and ended up having dinner with them. After that we walked around town and ran into another group from the boat. We topped off the night at a beach party that included fire dancers, fire limbo, loud music, colorful lights, and funny European dancing. If there is a curfew in Thailand, then I don’t know where it is.










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  1. So happy to hear you are coming home….I’m sure you have a lot of good stories to tell…

  2. “excoworker Alia”… come on Bretster you could have said friend!

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