I went to FoxNews.com over the weekend, mostly as an amusement. I enjoy the ridiculous headlines. I am not a fan of Fox News. I think a majority of their news is awful and between the fake blondes, ‘Botox’-ed eyes, and over indulgence of makeup, I have a tough time listening to anything they say.

Still I find it amusing to browse the front page. This Saturday morning I noticed a rather interesting story. Sean Hannity, gleaming ear to ear about the Democrats’ recent downfall, posted a news clip arguing that the results of the most recent election were a direct vote against President Obama.

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Sometimes your LinkedIn title can be a little ridiculous, and it is important to remember that not everyone is as they as appear on social media. Still below are some of my favorite examples of LinkedIn’s ‘building brand exaggeration.’

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You Will be Awkward.

“Hi I’m Bret. Where are you from?”

“Hi Bret – I’m Trey. I’m from New Orleans.”

“Nice to meet you Trey – I have never met someone from New Orleans. How did you fare in Hurricane Katrina?”

“My entire house was destroyed.”

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Why I Hate The News 

Below you will find CNN’s headline on Friday, October 10th. Yes, Ebola is awful and my heart goes out to all those infected. But this is just an example of the fear tactics and bad coverage spewed out by today’s major news vendors.

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Well after four months my around the world trip is over, and after 53 blog posts, I only have one remaining (after this). I wanted to thank everyone who read and followed along with my journey. Connecting with my readers was an incredible experience. I have some wonderful memories and did some ridiculous things. I have met amazing people and developed lifelong friendships. I have been both ecstatic and afraid and have definitely grown as a person.

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