I think I out did myself here.  I brought my ‘nerdiness’ to a whole new level.  For my second day in Christchurch, I decided to book a LOTR Edoras tour.  The tour consisted of an all day drive to and from Mt. Sundby, the location Peter Jackson used for the creation of Edoras, a lunch, some champagne, and of course, replicas from LOTR.

While the set is no longer there, the mountain and the dramatic scenery is.  With a little bit of imagination, it wasn’t hard to imagine the Golden Hall sitting at the pinnacle of Mt. Sundy.

The set is extremely remote.  It was about a 3.5 hour drive into the middle of no where.  The last hour was all off road.  Luckily, we had a 4×4 minivan to carry us along the 4×4 dirt road… After passing some beautiful mountain lakes and mountain fields, we descended into the glacier valley, where I spotted Edoras.

Edoras is basically a block mountain with two massive mountain ranges on each side.  It was by accident that Peter Jackson found this location while traveling in a helicopter towards the Southern Alps.  For the set of Edoras, he needed somewhere that had a remote mountain with massive mountain ranges off in the distance behind.  The location of Mt. Sundy was perfect.

After several photos at the base of the mountain, we headed on a 30 minute hike up the mountain.  Here I grabbed Rohan’s flag and King Theoden’s sword and took, what I believe to be, some of the best photos of my life.  We stayed on the summit for about 2 hours.  It was only three of us on the tour, so we were in no rush.  Afterwards we climbed back down to the bottom, ate food and drank champagne as we watched the sun slowly set behind the mountain ranges.




** Also further in down the mountain was the location for Helm’s Deep.  It is the photo below with a crack in the mountain was used for the scenery of Helm’s Deep.
















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  1. Just love your blogs!!! Now I know where you got the outfit!

  2. I love your posts too !! Beautiful country there !! Never seen Lotr but you make me want to !! Will you be touring any wineries in New Zealand ? They have a lot of fantastic sauvignon blanc there ….

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