The Weird Landscape to the Bus Stop

Fortunately I booked the wrong bus stop for my ride back to Auckland from the caves. To rectify my micro problem, I had to walk down the road a couple of kilometers to catch the correct bus.

The walk was very peaceful. The northern island of New Zealand is unique. It is very agricultural based but because of the dramatic landscape you don’t get the massive agriculture fields like you do in the US. Instead there are small rural farms dotting the horizon. It rains a lot so everything is green and the vegetation where it wasn’t cleared by farming is lush. There are always some form of clouds covering the sky. Most are low and move quickly. Sometimes it is foggy. Other times sunny. Mostly a mixture of the two at the same time. It can also be warm when the sun out and dreary and cold while raining. The one constant is that it is quiet. Having lived in hostels for the last 6 weeks, it is very rare you experience utter silence. Here on the side of the road I did. For several moments I just stopped and starred off into the horizon.

Unlike back home where you have rolling hills, the hills here are much more varied. They aren’t necessarily large but are rather steep; sometimes nearly vertical. They are frequent too. In the place of one large hill back home, you might have several smaller hills; each with its own unique shape and size. Back home a nearly vertical face would be a cliff and rock would be exposed. Here grass grows everywhere. Put it all together you have a stunning landscape to walk through. The whole northern island is literally one big shire. On my short walk I was greeted by cows, deer, birds, pigs, dogs, and sheep.





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