Schnitzel Nacht

Yesterday I woke up around 7 am and spent most of the morning trying to plan out what I was going to do in the next week or so. Getting to Queenstown is more tough than I thought and there are a lot of different options. While on the computer I befriended this German sitting next to me. We ended up chatting and decided to go wander around the city together. After a brief visit to the Art Museum we came back to the hostel where we proceeded to befriend another group of Germans and an Italian.

We chatted in English of course for about three hours. In the course of our conversation we discussed everything from German soccer to Hitler jokes. It was an interesting conversation to say the least. I practiced my German and tried for a hour I tried to speak only in German. I didn’t say much. We also briefly met a Canadian. Canadians hate being associated with the good old USA and make sure of it by placing Canadian flags all over their luggage so people dont mistake them for being American. Still we had a few good laughs over the USA/Canadian rivalry.

After this we proceeded to go buy dinner supplies since it was the Germans night to cook. The Italian cooked last night. We all prepared Schnitzel and mashed potatoes. Of course we all had German beer too. After this say around 1130 we decided to go out in Auckland. We were joined by a French guy, an English guy, and a Kiwi. Only in a hostel would you have such a grouping of people. Still we went out – had a blast and chatted with some female kiwis where the phrase “lost in translation” never had more of a meaning.

I finally made it home around 3 am where I passed out immediately with roommates surrounding me that I had never meant. The last 3 days my life has become more interesting than the last 4 years…..

Today its pouring due to a cyclone so Ill probably continue my social mixer in the hostel.


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