Sorry for the delay. Ive been all over Middle Earth the last few days. Anyway for my day in Rotorua, I went to Hobbiton. If you are a Lord of the Rings(LOTR) fan you have to go there. I don’t know if I can describe how awesome it was. In the morning, a huge big green bus picked us up with Hobbiton written on the side of it. After a hour ride and many LOTR facts later, we arrived. Before the tour began, they had us go to the gift store. If I wanted to I could have bought a replica of Gandalf’s hat for $500 or even an Elven cloak for $900. I decided not to purchase anything.

After our brief gift shop visit, we got back on the bus and drove down a windy road to the bottom of Hobbiton. We were assigned a tour guide and, unfortunately, you had to stay on the trail and couldn’t wander at your own pace.


Our guide first led us along the walk way up to Bag End and then down to the grassy field where Bilbo celebrated his birthday. We ended the tour with a relaxing beer in the Green Dragon.

The detail of the Hobbiton set was stunning. Apparently there are 6 full time gardeners who work everyday to make it look real. The grass is extremely green and there are real vegetable gardens all over the place. Pumpkins, squash, wildflowers, butterflies, bullfrogs, you name it, it is there. All in I think there are around 35 hobbit holes. Peter Jackson even had some built that weren’t even in the movies. He just felt they should be there. The Hobbit holes all ranged in sizes from 30% scale to 100%. Each had a fire place with a smoke machine. They would go off at random to give the illusion that hobbits really lived there. Around each Hobbit hole there were tools, firewood (chopped to scale), and even little paintings. The attention to detail was mind numbing.



At the end of the tour, we all got to sit in the green dragon and have a “free” beer. These beers were brewed especially for Hobbiton. I chose the Stout. Sadly our tour was coming to a close and we had to get back on the bus. My biggest regret is that I wish we could have had more time in the Green Dragon. The day was beautiful and there is no doubt in my mind that I could have sat outside the Green Dragon drinking beers all day looking up at Bag End. It is hard to explain the feeling I got drinking that beer. If you are in anyway a fan of LOTR you have to go here and experience it yourself.

After our tour I headed back to Rotorua and spent the whole afternoon looking for white gas for my stove. I finally found it but it turns out I didn’t even need it. More on that later.

Finally that evening I took a stroll with a Spanish couple and this German woman around the lake at Rotorua. The walk was littered with hot spots and most were not roped off so… I could do dumb things like this:


I am glad to have gotten out of Rotorua. The whole town smells of Rotten eggs.

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