Hobbiton or Auckland? & Mistake Number 1

Before I even left LA I had my first mistake. Apparently you can’t buy a one way ticket to New Zealand. Supposedly their government doesn’t allow it. Fiji Airlines wouldn’t even let me check in unless I could prove to them that I had a ticket leaving New Zealand. No big deal I used my Priceline app and purchased a ticket from Auckland to Melbourne on April 8th at the ticket counter. After customs in New Zealand, I used the same app to cancel the flight free of charge. Problem solved!

Other than that, my flight to Fiji went well. I was a little worried when I was seated next to some crazy old lady who kept rambling on about how “youth these days don’t understand hard work.” I couldn’t help think she was referring to me. Luckily the flight wasn’t full and she went and laid down in the middle isle due to a sick stomach.

After a brief layover in Fiji. I made it to New Zealand. Customs here is very particular. They don’t want any foreign soil brought in – literally any soil. So they made me (and every other person with a hiking backpack) dump all my camping gear out. They then proceeded to check my hiking shoes and tent for dirt in a special “Bio Hazard Room.” Luckily I was clean.

Looking out the window while flying into New Zealand, I couldnt help but think I was flying into the Shire. I am going to love it here.

Well I am in my hostel now sharing a room with 4 strangers. Time to be social I suppose….



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