A Bus Trip to Rotorua

Yesterday I woke up at 1130 am and immediately went straight to the computer to begin booking bus passes down south. My ultimate goal is to make it to Queenstown which is a small adventure town on the southern end of the Southern Island. I expect I will get there in 2 to 3 weeks.

After booking things, I hung out with the Germans, the Italian, and a Canadian girl. We played “asshole” using the Canadian rules which are completely different from the US rules.

Unfortunately the Germans had to leave since they were taking a car north. That left me and the Italian to cook American night ourselves. We were joined by another guy who was half Dutch and half American. He was born in the Netherlands but his parents now live in Pittsburgh. He actually went to the University of Pittsburgh. Goo hoos!

For American night we had cheese burgers and fries. Sadly there are not many Americans traveling here. In fact I have probably met 30 people or so and only 2 of them have been Americans. Needless to say, the stares I got from the rest of the hostel while cooking cheeseburgers was priceless. We had extra food and the only one who wanted it was this Australian girl. Also Lucy the Cyclone kept blowing out the outdoor grill so I had to cook on a cast iron pan indoors. Only would an American try to cook outside in cyclone.


After dinner I went to bed early. Right now I am on a bus to Rotorua which is about 4 hours south of Auckland. Rotorua is know for its thermal features like those seen in Yellowstone.

It is also know as the launching point for a trip to Hobbiton, the Hobbit town built for Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Ill be going there tomorrow!

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  1. Last post I wondered if there would be an American night !! Good job Bret !!
    On the last season of Bachelor with Juan Pablo they went to New Zealand and also to Hobbitton. Looked pretty neat !!
    So far the only big thing you’ve missed is meeting your new favorite cousin Phoebe. She didn’t make a book for you but she herself is also blogging , her blog is titled ” where in the world is Bret Doucette!” So keep up the good posts as they are vital to hers !!! 😉

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