Stop, Reset, Go

Hello everyone!

I am currently in Cairns, and thankfully, I am staying at one of the nicest hostels I ever stayed at.  This hostel rivals the fantastic hostel I stayed in for my six-day stint in Queenstown, New Zealand.  Interestingly, I learned about this hostel, Travelers’ Oasis, from a gentlemen I meant while staying in the nice hostel in Queenstown . The Travelers’ Oasis has all the amenities that the other hostel had, but what stands out about this hostel is that it is quiet. For the last two months, it has been go, go, go.

Staying in a place only a few nights at a time, meeting dozens of people everyday, partying,  and feeling the constant whirlwind of travel has been amazing. I am truly grateful to experience it. But it has also be tiring. I was literally dead when I arrived. So I took the last two days to reboot.

My reboot procedure for the following two days has been the following:

  • 1. Wake Up
  • 2. Work Out
  • 3. Eat a nice & healthy breakfast
  • 4. Read
  • 5. Nap
  • 6. Eat Lunch
  • 7. Read
  • 8. Nap
  • 9. Eat Dinner
  • 10. Read
  • 11. Bed

I don’t have any good stories, and I haven’t really met anyone. Katta and Jess are gone and Ofir is still in Magnetic Island. But that’s okay, this is exactly what I wanted to do. For two days, I have basically been a hermit. As you have probably seen from my many posts, I have had a lot of time to focus on my blog, upload photos, and communicate with my family back in the USA.  The internet at the Travelers Oasis has been the best I have had in the last two-and-half months I have been traveling, and it really hasn’t been that great at all.  New Zealand and some places in Australia are really lacking when it comes to connectivity.

This leads me to my next point. According to the book I am reading, Cyber War by Richard Clarke, the most connected countries when it comes to internet connectivity are Slovenia and South Korea.  Yet, if you ask anyone on Wall Street or even Main Street, most would classify these countries as ‘Emerging Markets.’  I might get sick  if I drink the water in South Korea, but when it comes to uploading photos online, I bet it doesn’t take an eternity. Us, as humans, try desperately to  box and label things in a futile attempt to organize the madness that is life. Black & White, Gay & Straight, Liberal or Conservative. For example, we call Southern Korea an ‘Emerging Market’ yet probably most of my Dell laptop from college was assembled there.  New Zealand is ‘developed’ yet it’s filled mostly with sheep and my internet connection whilst traveling  there was only slightly faster than dial-up. And is Darius Rucker actually black? Kidding….

So this random tangent on human behavior brings me to my next business idea. One can purchase fast internet here in Australia (I don’t think it even exists in New Zealand).  The problem is that hostels don’t want to pay for it. So ‘backpackers’ are stuck with slow internet all around Australia. I recently uploaded 1000 photos onto my Amazon Cloud account. It took me over a week using various hostels’ internet connections.  It was a pain and in most places the internet wasn’t free. So, sadly, it was also a financial burden.

So here is my business idea.

Need: Backpackers have lots of valuable photos (AKA memories) that they don’t want to lose. I myself have thousands of photos and hours of GoPro videos. It would be devastating if I were to lose all of them.

Problem: The problem is that the bad internet prevents me (backpackers) from saving my photos and videos. It is literally impossible to save my GoPro videos to the cloud. I would need weeks in front of a computer.

Solution: Open ‘Internet Upload’ shops were backpackers can go, and for a nominal fee, open Amazon Cloud, Google Drive, or Drop Box accounts and via the use of FAST uploading speeds, backpackers could upload their various photos and GoPro videos quickly and reliably. Because overhead would be quite expensive in Australia, I could work out a deal with the major Peter Pan locations. For those of you who don’t know, Peter Pans is the McDonald’s of backpacker excursion bookers. They are located in every major ‘backpacker’ destination in Australia.  I ran this idea by several backpackers, and for the right price, they would love to have the convenience of saving their once in a lifetime memories. Remember they aren’t just photos.

I realize I will never execute this plan, but the person that does will make a fortune. In some towns, backpackers make up at least 50% of the population and for the right price and service, they are ready to spend the money.

Anyway back to my stay at Cairns. I have really enjoyed the last two days.  I am re-energized and focused on the next leg of my adventure. Before I leave Cairns, I still have to dive the Great Barrier Reef and take a tour of the Tablelands and surrounding rainforest.  But what I am most excited about is this coming Friday, I leave for Singapore, and then a week later onto Malaysia.  Come early June I head to Thailand.  I’ll be in Thailand for a month or so before I head to…. wait for it…. Sweden on July 2nd!

I found a flight for $325 USD from Bangkok to Stockholm. Yes… only $325. I had initially wanted to go to Dubai and Greece.  But since I couldn’t find any suitable deals, I decided to save those trips for a later point. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish from an iPhone.

Also I have yet another surprise…. I have planned my next adventure. I won’t release any details until sometime in late June as I still have work out some aspects of the trip, but my planned departure date is August 15th, 2014.  More details to come!

Keep chugging people!












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  1. Keep close eye on Thailand, should you be considering it as a destination. Army has declared martial law and publicly said that the action is not a coup … Quack, Quack … In an 8 yr long dispute between the government and the opposition. If I were you I’d avoid Laos & Myanmar aka Burma, as well. Have a nice day!! Lauren & Aj say “Hi” from Reykjavik, Iceland. Ed Wright

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