Questionable Character in the Hostel

After Fraser Island I took a bus to Hervey Bay. This destination was only for one night and was meant to be a recovery from the abuses of Fraser Island. The hostel, Flashpackers, was extremely nice. It had a full cinema complete with couches, bean bags, 600+ movies, a projector, and surround sound. I was in audio visual heaven. If I had a hard drive I could have taken all the movies. The movies were all given to the hostel by other backpackers who stole them from other backpackers. I am tempted to purchase an external hard drive for the sole purpose of pirating ‘pirated’ movies. Nothing like incriminating myself online.

Anyway I was going to skip this post since I was only in Hervey Bay for a night, but I decided to write something considering the interesting guest I had in my hostel room.

Upon checking in, the guy at the front desk told me, “Let us know if there is anything wrong with your room.” He then further emphasized “Seriously anything.” Red flag.

I went into my room. It had a slight tinge of body odor to it, but other than that everything else was fine. Oddly, the German guy in the room had all the fans running. I asked him why and he informed me it was to get the smell out. Apparently this body odor belonged to our third roommate who, we assumed, hadn’t showered in what seemed like weeks. Fortunately he was no where to be seen. The German roommate elaborated further and informed me that he ran into him the night prior. He was completely smashed and unable to speak and immediately passed out. Being that the German roommate hadn’t seen him in nearly twelve hours, we didn’t know if or when he would surface again.

Sure enough at midnight the door key turned and emerged a gentleman in his late twenties reeking of booze and body odor. Except the bottle of Vodka in his right hand he had no possessions whatsoever. He mumbled a broken “hello” and then immediately went to the bathroom where he belched quite loudly. Following this he came back to his bed, took a huge swig of Vodka, passed out in his bed wearing his clothes from the day.

The German guy and I looked at each other in disbelief. Clearly this guy had issues. Taking all precautions, I took any possessions of value (which doesn’t seem like much since I keep losing things) and slept with them.

In the morning I packed up and left. He was still asleep.

This is but an example of the many wonders of living in hostels.


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