P. Sherman 42, Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australia

For you Pixar fans, unfortunately this address doesn’t exist. I actually met a British guy in the hostel that went looking for it. Some people have a lot of time… Though he was most likely pulling my leg. Needless to say I still found many other adventures in Sydney.

For this post I am going to combine my three days in Sydney into one long post. I have already alluded to my unfortunate roommate situation, but I still managed to make the best of the situation. So I will focus on those positives….

Upon arrival to Sydney, I immediately passed out. After a 14 hour bus ride I couldnt think and doing touristy things was out of the question. The following morning I woke, had a nice $5 muffin, and went on a 5 hour walking tour the famous Sydney beaches. The tour was organized by my hostel and was free. My dad taught me, “if it’s free it’s for me,” so I once again didn’t hesitate to sign up. We took a thirty minute bus ride to the coast where we followed a nice 6km coastal walk covering seaside cliffs, broad white sand beaches, and surfer retreats. The walk ended at Bondi beach which is famous for the Australian TV show ‘Bondi Rescue.’ I had never heard of it but it chronicles the lives of the beach lifeguards. So “VB Rescue?”


During the beach walk, I meant my friends for my time in Sydney and beyond! They were two girls that I have been traveling with on and off for the last week and two American guys that left Sydney for home recently.

The American guys were from Salt Lake City. Arron works for Delta and Nate is a firefighter. Because Arron can basically travel anywhere Delta goes for free, he and Nate have spent the last 7 months traveling the world for days at a time. Sometimes they go to lunch in Paris, snorkeling in Belize, other times they go for just a quick night of fun in Las Vegas. For this particular trip they had planned on going to Barcelona. They didn’t make that flight so while at the airport they decided to go to Sydney. Arron only had 4 days while Nate had a whole week. Awesome lifestyle!

It was also nice to speak to an American. In fact this was my first extended conversation with an American in over 6 weeks.

The other two are Jess and Katta. If you look at Facebook at all you will see some posts Jess put up of me. I hope you liked my dance moves. We are all basically heading north and keep bumping into each other along the way. Most of our bump ins are facilitated by Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. Thank you technology.

Anyway after my beach tour I came back to the hostel, had a couple of cold ones, and went to bed.

The following morning I went with Nate and Arron on a walk all around Sydney. I could describe it all but I think I will just let my pictures tell the story. Beside the harbor, the highlight of my day was a German Haufbrau house.

We had spent all day walking in the heat and to celebrate we decided to go to a happy hour. We found this German bier garten that was serving $7 half liter GERMAN beer. Australia and New Zealand beer is awful. What was just a one beer soon turned into 3 liters later. Of course this snowballed into going out on the town. We went to a variety places including a Ritzy Syndey downtown bar that had the most attractive albeit the worst people I have ever seen/meant, a casino, a bar like Cheers, and an Asian dance club. Apparently there is a huge Asian population in Sydney and they love to party. I have never been in a club where I was the minority. It was wild.

The next day I drank copious amounts of water and spent the morning doing laundry. The afternoon I spent walking around Darling Harbor and that evening the Sydney Harbor.

The following morning I boarded another 14 hour bus ride to Byron Bay.



















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  1. Looks beautiful…..love the picture of you with the board.

  2. Love reading all of your posts– Enjoy every minute- I am Sooo jealous!

  3. Looking good Bret, hopefully you’ ve put on some much needed weight! Great pictures!

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