Melbourne Day 3

I learned the most about Melbourne today on my FREE walking tour of the central business district. Well actually it wasn’t free, I had to tip $15. Oh well. The tour was actually my English roommates idea.

It was about 4 hours and covered most of the central business district. I saw where the infamous or famous Ned Kelly was hanged. We saw some old buildings including the World Exhibition Building. We went to the arcade which is a collection of shops built in the 1890s through various alleyways in Melbourne. We saw some beautiful street art which is legal with permission in Melbourne. We finally ended up on the Yarra River which was the old port before it moved further upstream.

After our tour we took a tram back to St Kilda where we spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach eating food and ice cream. Afterwards we headed back to the hostel. We pregamed in our hostel room before we headed out onto Chapel Street for the night. And yep no one dances here either.












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  1. I find it suspicious that you are everywhere Prince William and Princess Kate are.

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