Great Ocean Road

The jewel of Victoria is the Great Ocean Road (GOR). The GOR is a popular driving route along the southern part of Victoria. It spans some 250 kilometers and covers some of the most dramatic coastline in Australia. There are two ways to drive the GOC, an organized day tour for $120 or renting a car and doing it yourself. Since I have a love for driving on the left side of the road, I chose the second option.

I decided to rent the car for 48 hours. That meant I would be sleeping along the GOR for 2 nights. It was Easter weekend and that meant that campsites would be in high demand. Between the car rental, the campsites, and petrol, I spent around $400.

Being that this cost was rather high, I needed partners to join me. So I turned to Gumtree to find adventurers to join me. Gumtree is the Craigslist of Australia and it is extensively used by backpackers to find ‘Rideshare’ partners.

I put up an ad and within a couple hours, I was spammed by a myriad of text messages from all walks of life. After about 3 days of back and forth with unreliable backpackers, I finally narrowed it down to 3 reliable people. Nadiah, a girl originally born in Malaysia, but lived the past part of her life in England. Ankur, a 26 year old male from India who lived the last 8 years in Australia, and Kayleigh, a 23 year old English hippie like girl who has spent the last year wandering around Australia. It was an eccentric group to say the least. It was so different from the type friends I have back home, but this is merely an example of how my day to day life has radically changed.

As mentioned above, we spent the night in tents. I mailed my tent home from New Zealand – bad idea. To fix this, we went to Coles and purchased a tent for about $30. Luckily, it didn’t rain. Kayleigh also had a tent, so between the two tents we made it work. How often do you share tents with complete strangers?

Still, I slept better in the tent than the hostel. Every morning I awoke to the sound of crashing waves and tropical birds. Every night we meant other backpackers doing the same thing and spent the hours telling stories of our travels. We spent our days driving along the coast stopping here and there to take in the awe inspiring seaside cliffs and secluded beaches. This is the good life.

Below is a series of pictures of the GOR. Driving the winding roads in my Ford Focus was probably the most fun part. Thankfully I still haven’t crashed which is always good thing…..








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