Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is the exact opposite of Byron Bay. Its huge with massive sky rises, big hotels, theme parks, and fancy night clubs. I was only there for two nights and one day. Consequently I don’t have much to say. I spent my first night there on an overpriced bar crawl.

The next morning I was awoken early by loud roommates. It dawned on me that I had not spoken to many of my family/friends back home in quite some time, so I spent the morning sitting in the sun blowing through by 350 international minutes. That afternoon I went for a walk on the beach and perfected my boomerang throw. That evening I spent time walking through city and along the beach. Around 8, I came back to the hostel, watched part of a movie, and read my Kindle. The highlight of my day was viewing the bats at night. Unlike home, these bats are huge slightly larger than a seagull. I saw about 7 zoom past my head. The second picture below is of my hostel – not the big building… The small rectangular building at the bottom…





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