Byron Bay

After Sydney I took, once again, a 14 hour bus ride north. This time my destination was Byron Bay.

Byron Bay is a laid back hippie surfer town. It is very small, consisting of one main long street. Simply speaking, I would say there are three types of inhabitants that reside in Byron Bay.

Most, like myself, are temporary backpackers that have come for holiday or short-term work. The second type are long-term backpackers who came to Bryon Bay and pretty much never left. Fittingly they tend to live in their VW hippie vans and have long dread like hair. My second day in Byron I noticed a group of people sitting around on the beach playing guitars and singing while wearing exotic and colorful clothing. A familiar smell of my college days lingered in the air.

The third group are the native Australians of Byron. They tend to be super tan, extremely good at surfing, and huge hippies. There are billboards all over the town advertising various spiritual workshops and remedies by local Australian hippies. My last day in Byron I saw a 60-something year old man skate boarding down the street with no shirt on, dark leathery skin, and blonde dreaded hair. There are also no franchise restaurants in the town and everything is locally owned and operated. Most of the stores sell hippie related things and the main street is filled with colorful paintings and vibrant music. I considered a wardrobe overall had the cost been not so prohibitive.

Overall I really enjoyed my time in Byron Bay. It had a very chilled and laid back atmosphere. My first two days there I practiced surfing and sat on the beach. When I wasn’t eating an organic cheeseburger, I spent my time with friends I met at Byron and before. The last day I walked to the most easterly point of mainland Australia and a nice lighthouse at the cape of Byron Bay. The views were spectacular.












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