A Perspective

Things go up. Things go down.

Traveling for an extended period of time has its ups and its downs. It would be foolish for me to say that every day is amazing and spectacular. Some days I’m lonely and homesick. Some days I’m exhausted. Others I’m ecstatic. And others I’m just content.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to travel, and I am undoubtably having the trip of a lifetime. But this emotional roller coaster of ups and downs is what is making my journey intriguing and worthwhile.

There is a saying in long distance trail hiking. “The trail takes and the trail gives.” In my 6 weeks, I have come to the realization that the same thing applies to extended travel. When your at your at your bottom, something unexpected and positive will happen. When your at the top, something bad will happen.

When I arrived to the hostel in Melbourne, I felt lonely and homesick. Everyone had their clicks and I was an outsider. Three hours later, I was greeted by 3 English roommates and ended up having the one of the nicest experiences of my trip thus far.

At the Tongariro Crossing in NZ, I lost my jacket and had to set up my tent in the freezing rain. I was cold and wet and by myself. But that evening the wind changed from the south to the north. The clouds cleared, the weather warmed, and I saw an amazing spectacle of stars.

Currently I feel awful. Coming off the emotional high of Melbourne, I was greeted in Sydney by a hostel room filled with 19 to 20 year olds who were either drunk or stoned for their entire time in Sydney. Being the inconsiderate assholes they were, each night I was awoken multiple times by their raucous and boyish behavior. Needless to say, I haven’t slept much. But who knows what will happen today.

Sometimes the direction can change in a couple of hours. Sometimes it takes a couple of days. But one thing is constant – it always changes.

Ands thats life. Some days are crap. Some days are perfect. Some are just ok. If your having a bad day – wait it out – realize that this too will pass. Conversely, if your riding high – embrace it and as Charles Dickens said “cherish its brevity.”

Of course, the goal would be to have your peaks last longer than your bottoms. Easier said than done. I have had a lot of time to think and I have decided resiliency is the answer. Being resilient means being able to weather out the ups and down of this crazy emotional roller coaster. Each person can create resiliency however they wish, but for me, the following things are starting to work:

– Sleeping Well
– Eating Well
– Drinking Less (something I definitely need to work on)
– Being Grateful
– Exercising
– Being Flexible
– Not Sweating the Small Stuff
– Surrounding Yourself with the Right Type of People
– Being Social

I have tried to practice these things everyday. Practice makes perfect. Thats bull and a lie. Perfect is impossible. Practice makes resiliency and to me, resiliency is life.

Keep chugging people.

10 Comments on “A Perspective

  1. Love this. You sound like one of those “rules to live by” pictures people hang on their walls. As for the hostel problems, might I suggest a marriott? 🙂 Hope today is a great one!

  2. Beautiful Bret:) Love you! You are a well balanced person:) Mom and Dad

  3. Beautifully stated Bret…you are very special to us and we love you lots…If you are too homesick you can always come home to us and we will hide you and not tell anyone!!! be safe…

  4. What an amazing life lesson you are learning,Bret. You are becoming wize beyond your years,and if nothing else, your journey has taken you much farther than the miles you have traveled. I loved your post and look forward to the next.
    Resiliently yours,
    Aunt Trish

  5. This is exactly what I needed today ! Thank you !! Gonna go for a walk and ponder these thoughts . Keep on keeping on Bret ! You’re amazing !!!

  6. Better keep chugging – you have to get to the lonely mountain and decimate Smaug…Oh, wait, wrong country…

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