What is this all about?

This is the ‘Sweater.’  Actually my name is Bret Doucette. The Sweater is a nickname I earned in college after wearing a sweater to fraternity initiation event.  To my defense, it actually wasn’t a sweater, but nonetheless, the name stuck.


The Sweater

Anyway, I was once your typical American. I went to college, did a year of graduate school, took out too much debt, and then worked for three years at a financial advisory firm.  At the age of 26 I realized there were things occurring in my life that I didn’t like. Like many people, I had a vision of what I thought my life was going to be. Not surprisingly, it didn’t mesh with how my life was currently operating.

The 9 to 5 desk job wasn’t working for me, and my life especially my social life had fallen into a rut. I wasn’t happy. For about a year I moped around.

I once read life isn’t about deciding what you want to do, but realizing what you do NOT want to do.

At the age of 26 I finally did something about it – I quit my job to solo travel around the world. As of July 2014, the four month trip is over but my work on this blog is not. For the next two months I plan to continue working on this blog providing additional content here and there. Come October 2014, I hope to head out on another adventure; this time possibly South America.

Other than the stories I have to tell, I have this blog as a hope to inspire other people to take the same plunge that I took. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Other than gadgets, I think this quote applies to life changes.  What I had wasn’t working so I reinvented myself to the image I wanted to become. The image isn’t complete and I don’t know what the ‘new’ me will look like. But I have taken time to reflect and work on the aspects I want to improve in my life. If others find themselves in the same rut, I hope this blog will serve as a little “nudge out the door.”

Keep Chugging People!